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Tsunade/Uzumaki Naruto

"wow I cant believe she lasted this long I only fucked her for about 9 hour's straight but hey I'm not complaining but since I still have a boner I don't see a reason for me to stop besides she even wanted this so she just might enjoy it I guess" thought Naruto as he again started thrusting into her but this time he went even faster.

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Naruto felt a cloud of depression settling over him as a result, which did have the added benefit of killing his hard-on.

The Pride: The Pride :: FicWad: fresh

Comments: Kudos: Bookmarks: Hits: 40785• Summary One day, after a particularly unpleasant failure of a mission, Kakashi takes a detour through the civilian quarter of Konoha and stumbles on a little pink-haired civilian girl who performs a flawless transformation technique with the wrong set of hand seals.

Naruto's Lemonade Stand: Chapter 2: Uzumaki Inheritence :: FicWad: fresh

Mutation Selected: Directive Sexual Aura.

Shizune/Uzumaki Naruto


Tsunade (Naruto)

Jamming them quickly into Naruto in nerve points, she trusted the Kyuubi to regenerate him afterwards.

Tsunade/Uzumaki Naruto

Graphic Depictions Of Violence 10• "This One Is Called Stamina boost And as the Name Suggests I can Give You more Energy, The More I Cum In You the More Energy You get, But The Downside To This Ability is That The More You Orgasm The Less Effective The Ability Is And Once I Stop The Charka You'll Be completely Fatigued" Said Naruto.

Pile Of Lemons: Karin's gratitude and Tsunade's news :: FicWad: fresh

Still, she found those arguing that Sasuke was justified in his actions tended to forget that he had no idea of the truth when he had abandoned the village, and had simply done it for his own selfish reasons.

The Lemon Games: Tsunade :: FicWad: fresh

The Hyuuga Kunoichi had resorted to her old habits by spying on the blond and had felt her heart break as she witnessed him and Sakura together.

The Pride: The Pride :: FicWad: fresh

Keep fucking me like that" she said as she enthralled on the bed sheets harder Naruto continuously thrusted into her he slapped her ass check's as he went faster and harder making Karin scream in the process.